FOXY & EYELINER LASH TRAINING (must have volume lash training)

FOXY & EYELINER LASH TRAINING (must have volume lash training)

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A whole new way of lashing with a wing look.

learn the new technique of foxy lashes. Creating a flip of a wing look with a soft volume lash. This course is for licensed estheticians & cosmetologist. 

Description of the Class: 
Focused on eyeliner lash technique & application. In-depth training on how to create different looks with different curls, lengths. Lash maps and length organization techniques. Analysis and utilizing different layers of lashes. Using lashes to create an illusion of eyeliner & much more! Certificate upon completion of class. 

  • Unlicensed instructors claiming to be licensed. (Check for their mandatory license on display in their establishment)
  • Unlicensed or residential facilities. (Self-explanatory)
  • Graduate's reviews. (Contact recent grads and ask if they recommend that course)
  • Graduate's work. (Is the work professional? Are they thriving?)