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As a luxury-lovin’ Libra, indulging in very extra self-care routines is my favorite 🥰

If you’re with me, then using crystal facial grids for self-care is another luxurious way to pamper and rejuvenate yourself that you’ll probably love — and this simple, relaxing healing ritual will take your facial treatments to new and magical level.

🔮It can be super healing to connect with crystal energy and oils while using them in a facial grid is both effective and fun.

🔮When placed together in a sacred-geometry-based grid formation, we allow the crystals’ energies to work together in harmony — which makes them even more powerful.

🔮There are 4 Crystal Grids that will be learned along with a better understanding of your crystals and oils.

💆🏼‍♀️Gua Sha & Face yoga was introduced to me by @supercilium and was led by Monouk & Koko @kokohayash. Through this practice I learned the techniques of Gua Sha & Face yoga techniques.

💆🏼‍♀️Gua Sha is just as beneficial to my mental health as it has been to my skin’s health.

💆🏼‍♀️Gua Sha can be learned on your own. However, it is important to understand a step by step guide into effectively learning the process. I like to think of gua sha as yoga for the face.

✨Advanced Facial Massage Technique will take your clients to a whole new experience with a Swedish facial massage.

✨Kneading, squeezing and releasing fascia knots in the face will create blood circulation, anti aging, reduces stress, alleviating headaches and pain.

✨Massage techniques also aid in the ability to absorb skincare products into the skin.

✨Do Not skimp your clients on a GREAT facial massage.

An Esthetician’s touch is crucial in a facial. If just right, can have the same relaxing effects a few hours of deep sleep has.

Seats are limited so don’t wait to grab your seat.
February 12th & 13th 10-4pm (40min lunch break)
12 CEU Hours (licensed estheticians & cosmetologist)

KIT INCLUDES: Gua Sha stone, oils, Spiritual Facial grids, crystals, 12 CEU Hours, Certificates and booklets.